Literature review medication errors

Literature review medication errors

The objectives of this systematic review were to review studies of the incidence and types of medi-cation errors in Middle Eastern countries and to identify the main contributory factors involved.Crescenzi University of Central Florida Part of the Geriatric Nursing Commons, Nursing Administration Commons, Other Nursing Commons, Pharmacy Administration, literature review medication errors Policy and Regulation Commons, and the Public Health and Community.The origins of these errors discussed in the literature are wide-ranging, although far-reaching variables are.This systematic review found clear consensus that disruptions worsen the safety of medication administration by nursing, and interventions to reduce such interruptions can improve safety.The results of this study suggest that parents appear to make a range of medication errors, particularly with liquid medications as documented by prior studies that were conducted also in the USA as well as studies from this review.Couch your topic using PICO format (problem; intervention; comparison of interventions; outcome).Docx from NURSING 405 at Kenyatta University.This article is not an literature review medication errors exhaustive review of the literature on medication errors.Literature Review: Medication Safety in Australia 2013 is the third in a series surveying the available literature and information on medication safety in Australian health care., 2007) population that is at most risk for medication-related problems, including medication errors and related adverse drug reactions.Literature review: medication safety in acute care in Australia.Research has shown that over half the cases of preventable medication errors result in an adverse drug reaction.Little is known about medication errors in Middle Eastern countries.Risk of Medication Errors in the Home: An Integrative Literature Review Maria M.With this journal article, the author wants to get across the most effective way of medication administration to prevent the common medication errors.Institute of Medicine recommended prescriber actions for medication safety> includes various guidelines that should be followed and carried through.2% (Figure 1) of medication o rders.Prescribed medication is the most frequent treatment provided to patients in the NHS.Mahajan RP This paper provides a detailed review of past and current literature to examine prevalence rates and risk factors for medication errors.In the late 1990’s, the estimated cost of hospitalization due.This may reflect the multidisciplinary nature of medication errors.2006; 24:19-38 (ISSN: 0739-6686) Carlton G; Blegen MA.The purpose of this review was to explore what is known about interruptions and distractions on medication administration in the.Methods A systematic review of the literature related to med-.As the proportion of RNs increased, the medication errors decreased.Audit, interruptions, medication errors, observation study, patient safety, systems review.

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2 Significance of the study 7 1.Recommendations were tabulated and assigned points based on a scale revised from a prior study.A review of literature published between 1 Jan 1946 and 23 Sep 2013 was carried out in the online databases EMBASE, MEDLINE, PSYCHINFO, COCHRANE and the Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL).2 4 23 25 The majority of the included studies indicated that dosing errors were among the most common medication.Medication Errors (MEs) are a common.Edu/ijhse Part of the Nursing Commons.For this discussion: •Refer to the journal articles you read for this unit, as you.High rate of prescribing erro rs is known to be an international p roblem.Coordination of a medication review by the pharmacist contributors to medication errors, there is very limited research assessing the impact of an integrated set of activities on medication safety, with no literature review medication errors Australian studies located that have.Nurses must know and understand the principles involved in the delivery of medications for the treatment of both physical and psychological diseases.It compromises the confidence of patients on health care system Attempts to document the nature of medication errors are evident in the literature (O_Shea 1999, Armitage & Knapman 2003, Lasseter & Warnick 2003, McBride-Henry & Foureur 2006, Fry & Dacey 2007a,b).Literature from the UK and Australia was also reviewed.(Volume 2) is an evidence-based review of the clinical literature that addresses key questions about the prevalence and causes of patient identification errors and identifies effective interventions for decreasing wrong-patient mistakes..This is a literature review which focuses on nurses who make medication errors and what importance is placed on those errors in relation to patient safety.1 Literature Review of Medication Errors Name Institution Affiliation Lecturer Due Date 2 Literature Review.1 Reviews and reconciliation 9 4.2 4 23 25 The majority of the included studies indicated that dosing literature review medication errors errors were among the most common medication.4 Multicomponent interventions 10 5 Key issues 12 5.CDS To determine if elec- 1990 to 2005 12 studies Rate of MEs tronic ordering with CDS lowers medication errors (MEs) as com-pared to handwritten orders.The search strategy involved three conceptual facets: Medication errors/safety, the domiciliary setting, and carer involvement patients.[] The five rights of safe and effective medication management are clearly defined in law as: the right medicine is given to the right patient at the right time, in the right form of the drug and.3 Defining medication errors 3 2 Medication errors 5 3 Causes of medication errors 7 4 Potential solutions 9 4.A total of 138 unique recommendations were identified, with point tallies ranging from 4 to 190 The Institute of Medicine report Preventing Medication Errors 1 found that currently most of the studies reported in the literature have small sample sizes and are single-site quality improvement projects.Population that is at most risk for medication-related problems, including medication errors and related adverse drug reactions.The purpose of this review was to explore what is known about interruptions and distractions on medication administration in the.The computerized physician order entry (CPOE) systems ensure messy physicians’ handwriting is.Only four research studies specifically dealing with medication errors were.As literature review medication errors this body of literature is evaluated, the fact that there are crucial areas about which we know.A literature review of medication errors in the United States of America; 2016.In the late 1990’s, the estimated cost of hospitalization due.Errors in medication: a literature review on causes, impacts and prevention measures in association to medications errors.Multisite studies across the continuum of care are needed to assess the scope of the problem relationship between RNs in the skill mix and medication errors and falls.Objective: To systematically locate and review studies that have investigated the incidence of medication errors (MEs) in pediatric inpatients and identify common errors.1 Types of medication errors 11.Nurse staffing is an important.

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