Avocado Dip with Grilled Corn Salad

Avocado Dip

a creamy avocado dip flavored with lime, jalapeño, and garlic, topped with a simple grilled corn salad, and served with tortilla chips 

servings: 4-6




  1. Heat the grill over high heat. Once hot, place the corn in their husks over the flames. Cover the grill and cook for about 6 minutes until tender. Remove the corn and when cool enough to handle, remove the husks. 
  2. Place the corn back over the flames just for a minute or two to develop a quick char on all sides. Transfer the corn to a cutting board and allow to cool. Cut the kernels off. 
  3. Transfer the grilled corn kernels to a mixing bowl. Add the shallot, cilantro, basil, honey, juice of 1 lime, and vegetable oil. Mix well and season with salt to taste. 
  4. Add the avocado, garlic, jalapeño, greek yogurt, juice of 2 limes, and a ½ tsp of kosher salt to the bowl of a food processor. Blend until smooth and creamy. 
  5. Plate the avocado dip in a shallow bowl with the corn salad over top. Garnish with the cotija cheese. Serve with tortilla chips for dipping!