Grilled Flank Steak with Radish Chimichurri

Grilled, juicy flank steak with a bright and tangy radish chimichurri – definitely my kind of simple meal.

Radish Chimichurri

Radish Chimichurri

Sometimes a perfectly cooked piece of meat with a really, really good sauce is all you need. Plus maybe a big salad and these crispy potatoes…right?!

Today I’m sharing my favorite radish chimichurri recipe with you, in hopes that it will become your new go-to accompaniment for all of your grilled, seared, roasted or even braised meats.

You’ll find all your usual suspects – garlic, jalapeno, parsley, good olive oil, and a generous amount of vinegar. I also like adding fresh mint to add to the overall freshness of the sauce, plus some very thinly shaved radishes. These add beautiful color and give the chimichurri some texture.

The radishes kind of soak in all of the flavors, too, and provide an extra sharp bite. It’s such a versatile and easy sauce to make, but really makes any dish pop. Leftovers are amazing as well – serve it with eggs, on ricotta toasts, over potatoes, drizzled onto soup, or any other way you can think of!


Grilled Flank Steak with Radish Chimichurri

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simple grilled flank steak with a versatile radish chimichurri

serves: 4

  • Author: Kayla Howey



Radish Chimichurri

  • 1 oz shallot
  • 3 garlic cloves
  • 1 jalapeno, cored
  • 2 oz fresh parsley leaves
  • ½ oz fresh mint leaves
  • 1 cup extra-virgin olive oil
  • ¼ cup red wine vinegar
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 4 radishes, shaved paper thin

Grilled Flank Steak

  • 1 ½ lbs flank steak
  • kosher salt
  • freshly cracked black pepper
  • oil


Radish Chimichurri

1. Combine the shallot, garlic, and jalapeno in a food processor. Pulse until roughly chopped.

2. Add the parsley and mint. Process until minced.

3. Transfer the herb mixture to a bowl and stir in the extra-virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and shaved radishes.

4. Set aside at room temperature until ready to serve.

Grilled Flank Steak

1. Let the flank steak sit out at room temperature for 30 minutes to relax.

2. Meanwhile, heat one side of the grill over high heat (I use my “tru sear” section of the grill for this, right over the flames) and one side over medium-low heat.

3. Sprinkle each side of the flank steak with a generous amount of kosher salt. Use your hands to “pack” it in so that it sticks to the meat.

4. Do the same with the freshly cracked black pepper.

5. Once seasoned, rub a light amount of oil onto each side, just enough to coat.

6. Place the flank steak onto the hottest part of the grill, ideally right over the flames. Let the meat sear until it forms a dark crust. Flip the meat and sear on the other side.

7. Transfer the meat to the medium-low section of the grill, cover the grill, and let the meat finish cooking until your desired doneness (just a few more minutes for medium-rare).

8. Transfer the flank steak from the grill to a plate and cover with foil. Let the meat rest for 10 minutes.

9. Thinly slice the meat against the grain, on a bias. Serve with the radish chimichurri.

Radish Chimichurri

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