Herbed Fontina Grilled Cheese

Herbed Fontina Grilled Cheese

Turning one of my favorite comfort foods into a bright, flavorful sandwich fit for summer: herbed fontina grilled cheese. Fontina cheese tossed with fresh dill, parsley, chives, and scallions, mounded between two pieces of sourdough, and cooked in butter until golden brown. It’s cheesy, really flavorful, and just the thing to make when you’re needing some comfort.

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Turkey BLT

What’s better than Thanksgiving dinner? Leftovers! I’ve turned stuffing into meatballs, mashed potatoes into potato cakes, and cranberry sauce into dessert. But sometimes all you need is a good sandwich. A turkey sandwich is probably the easiest post-Thanksgiving meal to quickly whip up. And after putting in all of the effort to cook the bird the day before, you want to extend its eating life as far as possible. Piling it high on a sandwich is just the way to do it!

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