Chipotle & Pomegranate Braised Chicken Tacos

24 Healthy Recipes to Inspire the New Year

Fully embracing this new year and getting re-inspired in the kitchen! Come January, I like to shift my cooking towards feel good + healthy recipes that make me feel my absolute best. Today I’m sharing 24 of my favorite healthy recipes with you! We’ve got satisfying breakfasts, nourishing salads, flavorful vegetables, cozy soups, and a whole assortment of fresh meat & seafood recipes. Hopefully providing you a ton of inspiration to get cooking.

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Seafood Cioppino

Seafood Cioppino with Charred Bread

We’re having something so special for dinner tonight – seafood cioppino with charred bread. It’s this spicy, rich, tomato-based broth full of shrimp, halibut, mussels, and clams. Served with a side of olive oil charred bread. It is perfect for a dinner party or even just a cozy night at home.

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Restaurant Business Security Tips

Securing your business today for tomorrow is an important way to manage your enterprise. One way or another, you will have to acknowledge that anything you own may sooner or later become the subject of vandalization. That is why people want to ensure that their assets are always protected and there is not a thing to worry about.  Today, we explore some of the most important aspects of protecting your real estate where your restaurant business is placed. There are many security tips to consider, and some will naturally be better and more reasonable than others while the rest might prove a little too specific, but are still a good idea.

1. Protect Your Intellectual Property First

One thing that people sort of tend to forget that running a good restaurant business is not just the physical work and dedication of cooks. There is also the intellectual property to explore and consider, and you need to make sure that you have patented your name to avoid unpleasant situations later on.

Restaurant Security

Purchasing a pattern doesn’t cost too much at all, and you will even see that some jurisdictions allow you to run a business by simply registering your company and checking if a trading name is available.

2. Play with Fire but Be Prepared

Evidently, a lot of cooking is going to happen in your kitchen and that is precisely why you should always acknowledge some of the potential risks. That is why you need to have all safety precautions all put in place. The best way to do that is to follow all city/government-issued safety standards, such as fire security and others.  Sprinklers should be installed and follow kitchen protocols. Your employees should be trained in the event that there is a fire in the restaurant and while your priority should be putting out the fire as quickly as possible so as to avoid damage to property, it’s even more important that you make sure to get everyone out safely.

3. Securing Your Kitchen from Burglary

Naturally, another aspect of the experience is to make sure that your kitchen is protected against burglaries. Many kitchens are usually located at the back of a property with direct access to the back alleys, which is not bad at all, but those backdoors are also entry points into your kitchen.  You may want to look into reliable commercial security systems that will help you always keep your property safe. There are all sorts of such systems, but we recommend those that are a little more advanced. They usually have all their wirework hidden so that burglars cannot cut the cables and have a field day at your kitchen.  It’s important to understand how kitchens can be secured from third parties, and not least, you need to control who access your kitchen.

4. Ensure Food Control and Quality

The next bit of advice is quite intuitive. What it has to do with is the fact that you must be very careful as to whom you let in your kitchen and under what circumstances. That has to do directly with how reliable the food quality is and whether you can ensure that everything is on par with health standards.  A security system is certainly something that will help you protect against third parties entering your property illegally, but the real undoing may come from inside. That is why you should have very strict protocols about food qualities, such as:

  • Always check the expiration dates of all your products
  • Don’t necessarily buy expensive, but always buy quality products
  • Make sure you taste every ingredient before you are using it
  • Throw away products you suspect are bad quality

These tips are not difficult to follow, but sometimes kitchens may forget that they have an obligation to their customers. The best ones though would not hesitate to stick to each and every one of them so as to ensure that you are on track and doing what you can to show the world how a great kitchen is run.

5. Make Sure the Flooring Isn't Slippery

With so much hot food and drinks around, you want to be absolutely sure that your flooring isn’t slippery. This way you can help your employees always stay safe, healthy, and protected. It’s indeed a minor thing to check out but one that is absolutely important if you are to make sure that your kitchen is a safe working space. Slipper floors are bad for your kitchen as they would result in some great calamity sooner or later.


4 Hacks To Create Your First Recipe Like A Pro

If you are tired of eating the same dishes, it's finally time for you to start learning how to create your own recipe at home. Does it sound too much for you? Well, some people are naturally intuitive and can match different ingredients and cooking styles pretty decently. Other people are particularly skilled in adding an elegant touch to their dishes, like decorations with vegetables or fruits.

But so many people feel completely lost when it comes to cooking without having a recipe to follow. Some of these people cook with a recipe book or a video tutorial via cell phone. However, either you follow a given recipe or you simply tend to prepare the same dishes by habit, the result is quite the same: you get tired of eating the same food.

a chefTake Action And Start Learning How To Invent A Recipe!

Are you still on the fence? You can stay there forever and eat tastelessly forever or you can decide to take action and start learning how you can actually become the creator of your own recipe. Probably, you won't eat anything too refined or esthetically excellent as you were sitting at a luxury casino restaurant… but who cares?

Even pro gamblers eat a simple homemade sandwich and a salad when playing their live tournaments online. That's because most of the time they choose to play online rather than going to a physical casino venue where they will spend so much money on 5-star food. This pure casino online seems to be one of the preferred digital places for accessing live tournaments of all card games, 3D roulette, European, or American roulette, a ton of fancy slots and so many more table games. And the nicest thing is that you can play for free or real-money games.

So, you've decided that you are ready to get the challenge – The only thing you need to make your first original recipe is high-level attention and the following hacks.

Brilliant Ways To Follow To Become A Recipe Creator

You are about to start your journey into the tasty world of food and culinary creation. Take note of these special hacks revealed by expert chefs and try them yourself:

  1. Remove any fear of getting it wrongcreator of a new recipe
    For those who rely on a recipe every time they have to prepare a dish, become the creator of a new recipe is really scary. They are afraid of messing ingredients up or making a dish that tastes horrible. The idea of having someone criticizing their work makes them rely on a written recipe. So, if you want to overcome this fear, just relax, stop being concerned about what the others may tell, and start considering preparing a small portion for your new recipe.

  2. Don't spend too much money
    Some people may be so enthusiastic about creating a new recipe that they may want to spend a lot of money on expensive food that they don't eat so often or they have never tried before. Our tip is to avoid spending too much money on a new recipe. After all, it's an experiment. Also, start with a few basic ingredients. If your recipe tastes good, you may add a few more the next time. This way, you won't end up spending too much money on the ingredients.

  3. Start from what you know
    This tip is closely connected to the previous point. Don't buy food that you don't know. You should start with what you already know. Being brave when cooking is always a great thing but remember that prudence is as great. So, focus on the ingredients and flavours that you like and are familiar with and try figuring out what ingredients you may combine in a dish. For example, bacon has a strong flavour that you may want to damp with ingredients that have a neutral flavour like white rice.

  4. Get inspired by looking around
    Once you have a few ingredients that you can mix the way you like, you may get inspired by online videos to experiment with a new preparation or cooking style. You may want to fry your ingredients the way Chinese chefs do. Or you may want to combine two different cooking styles in one. You may also prepare a new dish that looks like Mexican food but it's made with ingredients that are typical of your region. Your only limit is your imagination!

Of course, you may want to take note of the preparation steps for your recipe, so you can keep track of how you made it. That's important if you want to modify it or add some extra ingredients next time you prepare it.

Tips to Keeping Your Restaurant Business Secure

Restaurant businesses make up the largest segment of the retail industry, and according to reports, one out of three adults dine in restaurants each day. There are many risks for the restaurant industry. They are prone to robberies, theft, violence, data breach, and the current covid pandemic has also contributed to the security of the restaurant business.  Being aware of the potential dangers in the restaurant and preventing any untoward incidents in the places of business contributes towards the successful running of the business and upholding its reputation. Here are some of the proven tips that can help secure the restaurant business.

Tips To Secure The Restaurant Business


Setting Up The Security Systems In The Restaurant

Restaurant owners should invest in modern technology to enhance their security systems so that it helps them in deterring and recording crimes and other incidents effectively. Audio and video surveillance systems help track events accurately and can be of huge help in certain situations. Restaurants should also consider keeping their eating area and parking lot well-illuminated as crimes are less likely to happen in a well-lit zone.

Setting Up Security Personnel

Most of the restaurants and food and beverage businesses will not require security personnel. But some restaurants prefer to keep one, especially when they serve alcohol and when they operate late in the night. Security guards in the restaurant can help safeguard the employees, customers and aid the business operations. Together with the security cameras, they can add a layer of security to the business.

Securing Your Kitchen

The kitchen of the restaurant is the place where most of the accidents happen, and thus it is important to attend to the common safety issues in the kitchen. The slippery and uneven floors should be checked, and the restaurant should be proofed from dangerous equipment to enhance and maintain the health and safety of the restaurant employees.  To secure the kitchen and to enhance its safety levels, restaurant owners can install non-slip mats and flooring material and encourage employees to clean the floor soon after the spill of oils and liquids.  Commercial kitchens in restaurants are equipped with all sharp and dangerous machinery and equipment, and thus the risks of accidents are huge. Restaurant owners should train their employees to use such equipment safely and wear appropriate safety-wear to protect themselves from accidents. Additionally, the kitchen should also be equipped with business alarm systems to prevent any mishaps.

Maintaining Food Safety Standards

This is perhaps one of the notable tips for a secure restaurant business. When the food is not properly processed or cooked, it poses a serious risk for the customers and the reputation of the business. When the same equipment is used for preparing different food items, when the surface is not cleaned in-between tasks and when the frozen foods are not properly stored or thawed, it could support the growth of micro-organisms spoil the food. This could be detrimental for a business as its spoils its reputation in the minds of its consumers. Restaurants should train their staff on food safety, store raw items at an appropriate temperature and enforce appropriate hand washing habits to prevent such unwanted incidences.

Safe Restaurant Business Among The Covid Pandemic

Restaurants should enforce covid appropriate behavior when they are open during the pandemic. They should frequently examine all their employees for covid symptoms and encourage them to stay at home even if they show mild flu symptoms.  Restaurants should sanitize the premises frequently and appropriately and keep all surfaces such as tabletops, doorknobs, washrooms, and other areas of contact cleaned and sanitized. Social distancing and contactless dining are few measures that could be employed to prevent the spread of infection in the restaurant.

Other General Tips For A Secure Restaurant Business

  • Restaurant owners should not hesitate to invest in surveillance equipment installed both inside and outside the premises.
  • An alarm system can be set up at the entrance and exit of the premises to safeguard the restaurant's security.
  • Restaurants should check their electronic equipment regularly and check the ventilation hoots, sockets, and other areas of risk frequently.
  • Prepare a check for every manager in the restaurant for each shift so that they maintain the checklist of all security standards employed in the restaurant.

Bottom Line

Restaurant businesses should always be aware of all the potential dangers that could hinder their operation and stay vigilant to prevent such incidences in the workplace. It is essential to keep its customers and employees safe and happy to maintain the business's reputation. Safety, security, and quality should be the top priority of any restaurant business.

6 Cooking Hacks To Improve In No Time For Beginners

Have you just started a life independently but you feel you can't prepare any decent food? It's actually only when you go to live alone that you realize what you can and can't do. Your everyday routine can't get started with some appreciable food, so you've understood that it's time for you to start learning how to cook.

Probably, you won't become as skilled as a pro chef of a 5-star luxury casino restaurant, but never mind, your goal at the moment is simply to learn cooking for yourself and your first guest in your new place.

However, who says that you have to eat expensive gourmet food? You can always enjoy poker, roulette, or teen patti casinos while eating a tasty and quick sandwich filled with meat and salad! The bottom line in your approach to food consists of two aspects: one is that you should really like what you eat and the other is that you should eat healthy food as often as you can.

Explore The Art Of Cooking

You know, cooking is above all a matter of artistic inspiration, techniques, deep knowledge of how different ingredients react when mixed. But even if you are out of practice with cooking, you can still catch the chance to learn to prepare the best dishes in the near future.

Gather all of your patience, attention, dedication, and determination – improving your cooking style from nothing doesn't take anything more. When you are ready, go ahead and get these brilliant hacks for learning how to cook better and quickly:

  1. Start from simple
    Beginners should never try complicated recipes. You have to learn step-by-step. So, start from simple and quick recipes that you can easily find online or on any recipe book. Also, start from what you know. Don't try new dishes that you've never seen before… you can't even get a clue of what it should look like!

  2. Practice
    If you never start, you never get there. This should become your motto every time you decide to start learning a new thing. Cooking isn't an exception to this rule. The best practice tip is to go to the kitchen for preparing your meals as often as you can. Skip ready meals. Sometimes, preparing a dish from rough ingredients doesn't take any more time than heating a frozen ready meal.

  3. Gather your ingredientslearn to cook
    Before you turn on your oven, make sure you have all the needed ingredients in the kitchen. Make a list of what you need and check if you have it. This step is called "mise en place" (translated into English it sounds like "putting in place"). Notice that pro chefs start their recipes having already their ingredients measured out and at an easy reach on the table which allows them to avoid running to the fridge to take out an ingredient (it would a useless waste of time, plus you could dirty the floor or the cabinet doors).

  4. Mix and balance flavours
    This is possibly the most challenging part of the job for many beginners who often feel frustrated for a dish that is too salty or almost unsalted. You can learn how to fix this problem. Balancing different flavours is actually the most powerful card to play for a chef. To do that, you have to know what flavours you should boost when you realize that your recipe is overwhelmed by a single flavour.

  5. Stock a variety of ingredients
    If you don't have the right ingredients in the kitchen, it's pretty hard that you can improve your cooking. So, before you go to buy food, make a note with all the ingredients you need and stock a variety of them in your fridge and cabinets. Consider never running out of basic food.

  6. Get the right tools
    If you watch online videos by pro chefs, you'll also notice that they use a lot of tools to cut vegetables, peel off potatoes, and others. We don't say that you should own all those tools, but just consider buying the basic ones. It will be easier for you to slice veggies or grate cheese quickly and better. One of the basic tools you should buy is a thermometer to measure the temperature of frying oil or butter. Different fats have different smoke temps and you should control the smoke temps to avoid burning your fried food.

Another cooking hack for all beginners (but also advanced chefs) is to avoid overworking your food. Baking is also an art like cooking: overworking your dough makes your bread or pizza tough and definitely not fluffy.

The Joys of Home Cooking

The ability to prepare home-cooked meals is one of the greatest joys you can experience. Sure, you can always buy ready meals at work or around work, and they are really good, but home cooking just feels right and personal. It feels fulfilling and the ability to prepare your own meals can serve as a great way of relaxing you and helping you to enjoy yourself a little more in the long term.

That is why many people are exploring home cooking, whether as a source of the economy (home-cooked meals are much cheaper), to eat healthily (nobody really wants to fall sick) or just relax after a busy mental day at work.

We will bring you some reasons why you may want to consider learning how to cook more meals and surprise your guests and friends with an amazing selection of home-cooked meals. Here are a few:

  • It’s quick
  • It’s relaxing
  • It’s healthier
  • It’s cheaper

Shopping Online for Ingredients – It’s Easy

Alright, let’s start with the thing that you have already guessed. Shopping around for ingredients can be done in person, but you can just as easily make sure that you buy quality products online, using a trusted payment provider such as Interac.  You can shop instantly for some of the freshest and tastiest products right away that are available at your farmer’s market and you will find yourself using Interac e-wallet for other purchases as well, including books, to electronics, cooking utensils, and even for online gaming!  You will find a plethora of opportunities to shop online using Interac. But now, let’s go back to the joys of cooking.

Why Cook from Home?

As outlined before, cooking from home can come with many upsides, and people who do it have various reasons to do so. For some, cooking from home is just a way to meditate. You may have just spent an entire day at a computer and that is not something many of us are happy to do.  As a result, we want to make sure that we do something “productive” that has real, tangible dimensions. Making a dish will present you with an immediate result, and one that you can smell, touch, and taste, which is not exactly the case with excel sheets for example.

Other people insist on cooking their own meals because they believe that this way, they have access to much tastier food, which is probably true as the shortcuts that ready meals take won’t be featured in the way you prepare your own food.  Being healthy is important for all of us, but the only way to be truly healthy is to make sure you monitor your food intake and always step ahead of what it is that you put inside your meals so that you can benefit from the nutritional value without anything else.

Last but not least, home cooking can actually economize a lot of money for your household. You will no longer need to worry about spending over your budget on casual meals outside which can quickly stack up a hefty price bill.  And, even if you found a cheap place to eat outside, you have no guarantees that the food would be good. Of course, eating out is perfectly normal, and you may have every reason to continue doing so. Just make sure you are aware of some of the clear benefits that home cooking brings you.

Is Home Cooking for You?

The short answer is – definitely. There is nothing stopping you from picking how to cook tasty meals at home. Some people may be a little concerned that it’s “not their thing” or that the first ten or so efforts end up not as tasty. It’s all about whether you have a growth mindset.  If you get a meal bland this means that you have overcooked it or have been a little too stingy with the spicing. It’s all very easy to fix and all you need to do, really, is just focus on getting better. Home cooking is a learning experience and you can make sure that you are spot-on and have no trouble figuring out the details on the go.

Don’t hesitate to study new recipes and take on new culinary challenges because ultimately, your meals are going to end up tasting so much better and that’s definitely a good reason to try!