Prosciutto and Melon

Prosciutto and Melon with Balsamic Shallots

This prosciutto and melon salad is the perfect simple summer appetizer or side dish! Sweet cantaloupe topped with prosciutto, balsamic soaked shallots, toasted pine nuts, lemon, parmesan, and basil. It’s my version of the classic sweet & savory Italian dish…and it is simply the perfect combination of flavors. Continue reading “Prosciutto and Melon with Balsamic Shallots”

Cucumber Melon Radish Salad

Cucumber Melon Radish Salad with Serrano Chive Vinaigrette

Sharing a fun salad today that is perfect for summer entertaining – cucumber melon radish salad with a fresh, spicy serrano chive vinaigrette. It’s a crisp, refreshing dish that has a really unique combination of flavors and textures.

Continue reading “Cucumber Melon Radish Salad with Serrano Chive Vinaigrette”