Chocolate Pecan Pie

Salted Molten Chocolate Pecan Pie

This is definitely not your average pecan pie…it’s a salted molten chocolate pecan pie that is absolutely perfect to serve as your Thanksgiving or Christmas dessert. It’s rich, full of decadent chocolate and fragrant pecans, slightly salted for a subtle pop of flavor, and has this gooey “molten” center that is just irresistible. Continue reading “Salted Molten Chocolate Pecan Pie”

Salted Pistachio Fig Tarte Tatin

Salted Honey & Pistachio Fig Tarte Tatin

This impressive fall dessert is easier than you may think – salted honey & pistachio fig tarte tatin. It’s basically an upside down tart with caramelized figs, sweet honey, toasted pistachios, and flaky sea salt…made easy with store-bought puff pastry dough. It’s baked until golden, cut into slices, and served warm. It all comes together really fast and is such a special treat to serve up after a fall meal!

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St. Patrick's Day Irish Cream Cheesecake with Walnut Streusel

Irish Cream Cheesecake with Walnut Streusel

Happy St. Patrick’s day! There’s no better way to celebrate than with a big slice of Irish cream cheesecake, topped with a thin layer of Irish whipped cream and silky caramel…PLUS the most amazing walnut streusel crust.

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Eggnog Creme Brûlée

Merry Christmas!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend full of family, friends, and delicious food. This eggnog crème brulee is a delicious, festive dessert that’s a beautiful addition to the Christmas table. So if you’re looking for something simple to whip up tomorrow, this recipe would be perfect to try (you may even have most of these ingredients already lying around the house).

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