Tomato Salad

Tomato Salad with Garlic Butter Dressing

The last minute Labor Day salad that you need to make – tomato salad with a very flavorful garlic butter dressing. It all sits on top of creamy yogurt and is served alongside some homemade naan bread for dipping. It’s the perfect way to savor all the juicy heirloom tomatoes while they’re here!

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Braised Short Rib Nachos

Braised Short Rib Nachos

I’ve got these braised short rib nachos coming in hot for Super Bowl Sunday! Short ribs slowly cooked in spices and beef stock until melt in your mouth tender, then loaded on top of homemade tortilla chips with tons of cheese, baked until melty and golden, and finally topped with loads of fresh garnishes. It is such a fun, complete knockout dish for the big game.

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Root Vegetable Chips with Rosemary Salt

I have always been a huge fan of homemade chips. They’re rustic, earthy, and of course have a wonderfully fresh taste compared to store bought options. They’re the perfect appetizer or snack to make for a crowd. People are impressed when the chips aren’t just dumped out of a bag, but instead cooked to perfection in your very own kitchen. Instead of using the ole potato, I wanted to mix it up with some of my favorite, incredibly tasty root vegetables.

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