Baked Eggs with Walnut Pesto

Baked Eggs with Parsnips & Walnut Pesto

Sharing one of my favorite breakfast dishes today: baked eggs with parsnips & walnut pesto. It’s healthy, satisfying, and has a “straight from the market” feel to it. Crispy parsnips mixed with lots of greens on the bottom, eggs baked until set and runny right on top, and then a vibrant, earthy toasted walnut pesto spooned over it all. I add a little goat cheese and more herbs right on top, too.

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Chili Lime Sheet Pan Chicken

Sticky Chili Lime Sheet Pan Chicken

This sweet and sticky chili lime sheet pan chicken is going to make your weeknight cooking a whole lot better! The chicken is simply prepared and gets coated in a bold, flavorful glaze with lots of spice and a little sweetness. It comes together really quickly and also makes for the perfect leftovers.

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Burrata Pasta

Calabrian Chile & Burrata Pasta with Peas

Back with another easy pasta because it’s that time of year where easy pastas are almost a daily occurance! This calabrian chile & burrata pasta with peas is full of flavor, yet so simply delicious. And the best part? It comes together in a matter of minutes.

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Harvest Apple Salad

Harvest Apple Salad with Pomegranate Sage Vinaigrette

It is officially fall, and I’m celebrating with this harvest apple salad – full of sharp cheddar cheese, charred chicken, crisp apples, pomegranate seeds, and candied pumpkin seeds + hazelnuts. It’s vibrant, beautiful, and so satisfying. Perfect for a simple weekday lunch or dinner!

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Onion Dijon Soup

Onion Dijon Soup with Pretzel Roll Croutons

Snow is finally falling, the temperature is dropping, January hibernation is kicking in and all of this calls for one thing…soup! French onion soup has always been my absolute favorite. The deeply flavored soup with bread soaking into it and cheese melting on top is irresistible. So to create some comfort this winter, I developed a new take on the classic dish: onion dijon soup with pretzel roll croutons.

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