Tomatoes & Burrata with Crispy Shallot Vinaigrette

Tomatoes & Burrata with Crispy Shallot Vinaigrette

The simplest dish to savor the end of summer: tomatoes & burrata with crispy shallot vinaigrette. Beautiful heirloom tomatoes, creamy burrata cheese, crispy shallots & garlic, a really flavorful vinaigrette, and lots of fresh herbs. Serve it with toasted bread alongside for the most show-stopping appetizer or side dish. It’s a unique take on a simple tomato salad that you can serve with just about any summer meal! Continue reading “Tomatoes & Burrata with Crispy Shallot Vinaigrette”

Burrata with Balsamic Strawberries & Basil

Burrata with Balsamic Strawberries & Basil

Sharing a festive summer appetizer for your Fourth of July weekend: burrata with balsamic strawberries & basil! This dish is so simple, yet bursting with sweet and savory fresh summer flavor. Creamy burrata cheese topped with both jammy balsamic strawberries and fresh marinated strawberries…with honey, red pepper flakes, and lemon running throughout. Continue reading “Burrata with Balsamic Strawberries & Basil”

Warm Farro Salad

Warm Farro Salad with Burrata & Hot Honey Vinaigrette

So very excited to be sharing this warm farro salad today! It’s full of roasted red peppers & green onions, arugula, crisp radishes, fresh chives, and a hot honey vinaigrette. Served warm and topped with creamy burrata cheese. It’s the most delicious combination of flavors and textures that will be on repeat in your kitchen for weeks to come! Continue reading “Warm Farro Salad with Burrata & Hot Honey Vinaigrette”

Creamy Red Pepper Pasta

Creamy Red Pepper Pasta with Burrata & Herbs

The simplest creamy red pepper pasta flavored with caramelized shallots, garlic, lots of woodsy herbs, balsamic vinegar, and parmesan cheese. Topped with burrata for a fresh, extra creamy finish. This pasta is so delicious and just the thing to put on your Christmas menus! Continue reading “Creamy Red Pepper Pasta with Burrata & Herbs”

Winter Squash & Prosciutto Pizza

Winter Squash & Prosciutto Pizza

The only pizza you’ll need this season: winter squash & prosciutto pizza with garlicky kale, creamy burrata, and sharp fontina cheese. It’s such a comforting seasonal recipe that is so incredibly delicious. Plus, we’re kicking off a very festive week of giveaways here on the blog!

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Caramelized Brussels Sprout Toast

Caramelized Brussels Sprout Toast with Burrata & Bacon

Sharing a wintery toast recipe today that will be the perfect appetizer for this holiday season: caramelized brussels sprout toast with burrata and bacon! It’s a slightly “elevated” toast with some special ingredients, but yet it’s very simple to prepare. The flavors are sweet + savory, with just a touch of creaminess from the burrata cheese and a crunch from the roasted hazelnuts.

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Four Cheese Corn Pizza

Four Cheese Corn Pizza with Black Pepper & Basil

A simple four cheese corn pizza bursting with fresh flavor to celebrate the end of summer! It’s such a treat and a really easy combination to throw together. Topped with freshly cracked black pepper and lots of vibrant basil. Make this for a weekend dinner party or any weeknight pizza night!

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Brown Butter Farro with Mushrooms

Brown Butter Farro with Mushrooms & Burrata

This brown butter farro is simple and tasty. It’s the perfect side dish for any meal, or can even be made as a light lunch. It’s full of caramelized wild mushrooms, lemon, herbs, freshly cracked black pepper, and of course some creamy burrata cheese!

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