Ricotta Gnocchi

Ricotta Gnocchi with Pomodoro Sauce & Herb Oil

This 4-ingredient ricotta gnocchi with a really simple pomodoro sauce & herb oil is going to become your new best friend this holiday season. I’m using sweet, rich Mutti Cherry Tomatoes to create the most delicious dish! Plus, I’m introducing a Week of Christmas Giveaways!!

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Drunken Fettuccine

Pasta & wine…a match made in heaven. Instead of just adding wine to the sauce or having a glass alongside your pasta, why not cook the pasta directly in the wine?! This fettuccine gets a nice red wine bath as it cooks. And the result is unlike anything you’ve had before.

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Macadamia Crusted Beef Tenderloin with Habanero Ginger Red Wine Sauce

Nothing can compare to a perfectly cooked piece of meat. Tender and juicy…bursting with flavor… It is simply the best. Especially around the holidays, I love making dinner a little bit special with a nice rib-eye, maybe a veal chop, or even a duck breast. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, my dad and I made prime rib with a thick salt crust for a family gathering. Everyone was raving about the flavor and tenderness of the meat, so I was inspired to try something different and make a crusted beef tenderloin, but this time with NUTS.

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