Golden Amaranth Oats

Golden Amaranth Oats with Caramelized Bananas

A vibrant bowl of golden amaranth oats to brighten up these January mornings! Amaranth and oats cooked in coconut milk until creamy, flavored with cinnamon, golden turmeric, and honey. Pour into your prettiest bowl and top with coconut flakes, pistachios, and honey caramelized bananas. It’s a healthy oatmeal recipe that feels so special, full of nourishing ingredients to start your day on the best note! Continue reading “Golden Amaranth Oats with Caramelized Bananas”

Charred Scallion Turmeric Yogurt Dip

Charred Scallion Turmeric Yogurt Dip

We’re talking healthy entertaining today with this charred scallion turmeric yogurt dip. It’s a boldly flavored dip full of sizzled scallions, crushed red pepper, lemon zest, turmeric, coriander, and honey. The base is Greek yogurt so it’s not only delicious but nourishing as well. Serve this at your next winter dinner party to start things off on a light, but very tasty note.

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