Lemon Ricotta Pasta

Lemon Ricotta Pasta

Creamy lemon ricotta pasta to add a little bit of brightness to the week! It’s the simplest pasta to keep in your back pocket when you need a quick side dish for a weeknight meal, but it’s special enough to make for a dinner party as well. Bursting with lemon flavor, nutty parmesan cheese, and black pepper. So delicious, and so very easy to make. Continue reading “Lemon Ricotta Pasta”

Creamy Red Pepper Pasta

Creamy Red Pepper Pasta with Burrata & Herbs

The simplest creamy red pepper pasta flavored with caramelized shallots, garlic, lots of woodsy herbs, balsamic vinegar, and parmesan cheese. Topped with burrata for a fresh, extra creamy finish. This pasta is so delicious and just the thing to put on your Christmas menus! Continue reading “Creamy Red Pepper Pasta with Burrata & Herbs”

Herbed Stovetop Mac and Cheese

Herbed Stovetop Mac and Cheese

The easiest upgraded herbed stovetop mac and cheese. Full of rich flavor from caramelized shallots, garlic, and hearty winter herbs. Plus of course lots of white cheddar and parmesan cheese. It comes together in just 20 minutes and could not be dreamier. Perfect as a holiday side dish or a simple weeknight meal! Continue reading “Herbed Stovetop Mac and Cheese”

Cheesy Baked Rigatoni

Cheesy Baked Rigatoni with Italian Sausage

Cheesy baked rigatoni with italian sausage, burst cherry tomatoes, spinach, garlicky marinara sauce, and LOTS of mozzarella. It’s baked until golden & bubbling, then topped with fresh herbs and parmesan. One of my favorite easy dinners for any night of the week, and it has lots of family history to it! Excited to be sharing it with all of you so you can have a little nostalgic, italian comfort food right in your own homes.

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Orzo Salad

Orzo Salad with Prosciutto & Parmesan Vinaigrette

Bringing you a fresh and flavorful orzo salad with Prosciutto di Parma to make for your Labor Day cookout! It’s a simple salad full of charred corn, caramelized cherry tomatoes, peppery arugula, lots of fresh basil and chives, and of course some beautiful thinly sliced prosciutto. It’s all tossed with a garlicky parmesan vinaigrette that comes together quickly in the food processor. You can make this ahead of time and serve it with just about anything! All of the best end of summer flavors in one delicious salad.

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Creamy Parmesan Shells

Creamy Parmesan Shells with Toasted Garlic

The most indulgent, comforting creamy parmesan shells full of toasted garlic, an aromatic dried porcini spice blend, fresh oregano & rosemary, lots of parmesan cheese, and black pepper. It is absolutely irresistible and just the perfect pasta to make as we head into the fall months. It uses minimal ingredients and can be made in just 15 minutes, so it’s perfect for a last-minute pasta craving any night of the week.

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Creamy Tomato Pasta

Creamy Tomato Pasta with Herb Breadcrumbs

Introducing my favorite new recipe of the summer: creamy tomato pasta with herb breadcrumbs! This dish has already become a loved classic. It’s simple, rustic, indulgent, and bursting with fresh tomato flavor. I’m using my staple roasted tomato process, cooking them until caramelized with lots of garlic and olive oil. The tomatoes are blended up with a little mascarpone & parmesan for creaminess and flavor. Toss it all together and sprinkle some homemade crispy breadcrumbs on top. SO GOOD.

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Easy Zucchini Pasta

Easy Zucchini Pasta with Ricotta & Basil

Sharing this easy zucchini pasta today with lots of fresh summer zucchini, lemon, parmesan, a little butter + splash of cream, and topping it with creamy ricotta cheese & fresh basil. It’s a quick-cooking pasta that you can make all summer long. Serve it as a side or make a big bowl of this as your main meal. There’s nothing not to love in here!

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Asparagus Pasta with Whipped Ricotta

Asparagus Pasta with Whipped Ricotta & Breadcrumbs

A simple asparagus pasta made special with creamy whipped ricotta cheese & homemade crispy toasted breadcrumbs. It’s lemony with fresh herb flavor and full of texture. Just the pasta recipe we need as we head into the summer months!

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